MJ-1932 New Product 2.4G Bluetooth Stylish barcode Scanner with Charging Stand


Product Model:MJ-1932

Data type:1D/2D

Reading Mode:automatical scanning/normal


Wireless:2.4G wireless

: +8615814473759

: (86) 755 28181206 ext 806

New Product Wireless Stand CCD Barcode Scanner Chargable Pedestal Fashion Design Supermarket Price Checker


 1.Powerful Light/Reflected Light/Dim Surround all works

 2.Support off-line storage scanning.

 3. Multiple dacode ability, fast to scan Code on Screen,Express Code,Blurred Code and 1D Code

 4. Provide the stand and it can be charged with stand.

 5. Mulitple interface, support USB,RS232 port and bluetooth and 2.4G wireless mode.

Contact Person: Leo Wang:whatsapp:+8615814473759

                          Alina Cheung: Skype/whatsapp:+8617665608051


Product documentation: